The youth team lost to Khimki

The youth team lost to Khimki

Lokomotiv approached the game against Khimki in third place and with an unbeaten run of 12 matches. On the other hand, Khimki was second from the bottom, having won only one game in the last nine rounds.

Nevertheless, both the first round match and today's game were really tough for Lokomotiv. The railroad workers could have opened the score in the sixth minute - Pershin shot from the penalty line into the goalkeeper's hands, and in the next attack he closed the cross from the wing, but the goalkeeper rescued his team.

Lokomotiv took possession of the ball and territory, but Khimki defended well and until the break allowed only two chances near their goal: Pershin closed the cross at the near post, and Kotelnikov struck the ball from a close range. Both blows were parried by the hosts' goalkeeper.

The key moment of the match happened at the beginning of the second half. Khimki player blocked Larin's shot with his hands. The referee Mikhail Cheremnykh ignored the episode, but a minute later he gave a penalty at the other side of the pitch after Predeus fell in our penalty box. The striker confidently converted the penalty himself.

In the remaining time, Khimki defended, leaving ten players behind the ball. In the 78th minute Kotelnikov was knocked down in the penalty area by Polshchikov, but again the referee ignored the episode.

Despite the overwhelming advantage and numerous approaches at the goal, Lokomotiv failed to strike back.

Russian Youth League. Group B. Gameweek 16

Khimki (youth) - Lokomotiv (youth) - 1:0 (0:0)
Goals: Predeus, 51 (pens) (1:0)

Khimki (youth): Tuseev, Frolov, Shmarov, Murasin, Polshchikov, Slobodyan (Yakushin, 73), Polosin, Ketov (Shishnin, 66), Predeus (Trynko, 95), Mosiyan (Borzenkov, 80), Kiselev
Lokomotiv (youth): Koryakin, Kiryanin, Kazarinov, Kotelnikov, Matveev, Kasimov, Larin, Grishkin (Vinnikov, 67), Karpukas, Pogostnov, Pershin
Bookings: Karpukas, 41. Kiryanin, 56. Mosiyan, 75. Shmarov, 83. Shishnin, 94. Pogostnov, 94. Predeus, 95
Referee: Mikhail Cheremnykh (Perm)
March 3, 2021. Khimki, New Khimki stadium

03 March 2021 15:14

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