The youth team have beaten Strogino

The youth team have beaten Strogino

After the draw with CSKA, Lokomotiv lost the first place in the league table. Moreover, CSKA, together with Zenit and Rubin, won their matches on Saturday, so it was crucial to beat Strogino in order to keep up with the leaders.

Max Petrov returned to the starting line-up after suspension. From the first minute Max started to drive the team forward and create moments for his teammates, which showed how much Lokomotiv lacked his creativity in the previous game. However, despite the overwhelming advantage and attacks with big numbers, during which defenders regularly went forward, Strogino fought back in the first half, although our team could have scored at least twice.

First, Kasimov hit the post, after bursting into the penalty area from the left wing, then Borisenko did not reach the ball after Petrov's brilliant cross. In the first 45 minutes, our youth team struck 11 shots on goal while the opponent had just one.

After the break, Lokomotiv continued to put pressure on the opponent, and Strogino crumbled under the shots from our team. It took Lokomotiv 13 minutes to score four goals. In the second half, our team struck 19 shots on goal, four of which went in.

In the 56th minute Petrov opened the score after a brilliant through ball from Borisenko brought him almost one on one with the keeper. Two minutes later Borisenko scored himself - he managed to score a header after a great cross from the left wing.

In the 61st minute, Petrov added an assist to his goal - Max found Pershin with a back-heel pass near the edge of the box and Pershin struck the ball into the far corner. Shortly afterwards Ushakhin finished the game with a thundering header after Gritsak’s cross into the box - 4:0.

Lokomotiv's youth team returned to second place in the table.

Russian Youth League. Group B. Gameweek 7

Lokomotiv (youth) - Strogino (youth) - 4:0 (0:0)
Goals: Petrov, 56. Borisenko, 58. Pershin, 61. Ushakhin, 69.

Lokomotiv (youth): Kasyanenko (Koryakin, 74), Kiryanin (Kazarinov, 59), Morozov, Dronov (Matveev, 76), Ushakhin, Babkin (Karpukas, 70), Borisenko (Baraboshkin, 66), Shmakov, Petrov (Kotelnikov, 72), Kasimov (Gritsak, 62), Pershin
Strogino (youth): Shakerov, Shaleev (Ponomarenko, 80), Chernyshev, Sokolov (Agalakov, 62), Popkovich, Davydov, Chikhradze (Zakirov, 70), Stepanov (Qurbanaliev, 70), Kamlashev, Larionov (Putilov, 65), Sukhov
Bookings: Petrov, 24. Pershin, 52. Shaleev, 53. Kiryanin, 54. Babkin, 54. Popkovich, 74
Referee: Dmitri Gorlov (Omsk)
October 24, 2020. Moscow, Sapsan Arena

24 October 2020 20:01

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