Youth Team Beats Zenit

Youth Team Beats Zenit

Both Lokomotiv and Zenit were standing second on the table with 20 points each. The game turned out to be tense, with lots of tackles, but not really exciting. With seven yellow cards shown, both sides produced very few chances.

Baraboshkin was the most active player in the first half. Timofey used every chance to have a go at the goal from all distances, and eventually opened the score in the 22nd minute. His attempt from an acute angle that ricocheted from Smirnov right home found keeper Rybikov clueless.

In the second half both teams did not approach each other’s goal until the 73rd minute, but later Lokomotiv had the initiative. First it was Chernyakov who went for glory with a big-distance attempt but only shook a billboard. However, very soon Mukhin scored an amazing goal. Alexander picked up the ball in midfield and netted from around 30 metres.

Later, Turishchev had a few promising chances but failed to increase the lead. 2:0 – Lokomotiv’s youth team break away from Zenit and are now on top of the table.

Russian Youth Championship. Gameweek 11

Lokomotiv (youth) – Zenit (youth) – 2:0 (1:0)
Goals: Baraboshkin, 22 (1:0). A.Mukhin, 85 (2:0)

Lokomotiv (youth): Botnar, A.Mukhin, Osnov, Petukhov, Chernyakov, Ivankov, Sharkov, Petrov, Gritsak, Baraboshkin (Babkin, 86), Khlynov (Turishchev, 66)
Zenit (youth): Rybikov, Smirnov (Prishchepa, 54), Molchan, Zakharov, Sandarchuk, Simutenkov, Nogtev, Knyazev (Bachinskiy, 57), Karginov (Khubulov, 73), Simdyankin (Shchetinin, 57), Kosarev
Yellow cards: Simutenkov, 20. Mukhin, 45. Smirnov, 47. Simdyankin, 56. Petrov, 71. Khubulov, 93. Shchetinin, 93
Referee: Yevgeniy Ustenko (Ussuriysk)
September 27, 2019. Moscow, Sapsan Arena

27 September 2019 14:10

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