Number of matches in history
424 matches
Dmitriy Loskov
The captain and the best scorer in the history of Lokomotiv, Dmitry Loskov, played his first match for the red-greens on March 16, 1997, when the railway workers met with the Kaliningrad Baltika. Subsequently, the 10th number of Loko played in the team for 13 seasons, with a break to play for Saturn. Anniversary, 400th, for Dmitry was the cup match with the Krasnoyarsk Yenisei, and in the next game, against the Perm Amkar, Loskov became the record holder in the number of matches played for Lokomotiv. On May 13, 2017, in a match with Orenburg, Loskov entered the field for the 424st time and set a country record for the number of seasons in the top division of the Russian championships. Dmitry Vyacheslavovich has exactly 20 of them!
400 matches
Vladimir Maminov
387 matches
Number of matches during the Soviet period
289 matches
Valentin Bubukin
Valentin Bubukin is Lokomotiv's record holder in terms of the number of matches in the championships of the Soviet Union. Valentin Borisovich played for our team from 1953 to 1965 inclusive with a one-year break when he left for CSKA, and managed to play 289 games during this time. And it was as a Lokomotiv player that Bubukin became the owner of the European Cup in 1960.
250 matches
Yuri Kovalyov
237 matches
Zoltan Miles
Number of matches among foreigners
352 matches
Sergey Gurenko
It is unlikely that anyone in the near future will have time to approach Sergey Gurenko in terms of the number of matches for Lokomotiv among foreign players. The career of the Belarusian midfielder in Loko developed according to a looped plot: Gurenko started a great European career as part of the “railwaymen” and won two Cups of Russia, and it was our club that served as a springboard for him to the championships of Italy and Spain. Having not received enough game practice in Europe, in 2003 Gurenko returned to Lokomotiv, with whom he became the champion of Russia in six seasons and won another Cup in 2007. In total, Gurenko played 352 matches in a red-green T-shirt.
242 matches
Vedran Corluka
194 matches
Zaza Janashia
All-time goalscorers
128 goals
Dmitriy Loskov
It took Dmitry Loskov just over 10 years to become Lokomotiv's top scorer in its entire history. For a player in the middle of the field, the figure is quite decent. Since joining the team before the start of the 1997 season, the midfielder scored his first “railroad” goal not to his native Rostselmash - it was in the Rostov team that the future Loko captain declared himself as a grandmaster of a sharp pass and a free kick maestro, after which he went to conquer Moscow. It happened on March 22, 1997 in the match of the 2nd round of the Russian championship in Rostov-on-Don (2:2). The last time Dmitry scored for Lokomotiv on July 31, 2011 in the match of the 18th round of the Russian Championship with Rostov (3:0).
92 goals
Dmitriy Sychev
91 goals
Viktor Sokolov
Number of goals among foreign players
52 goals
Zaza Janashia
There were many interesting foreign forwards in Lokomotiv in the 90s and 2000s, but the most striking of them, without a doubt, was the small Georgian forward Zaza Janashia. Zaza was a favorite of the fans and was remembered by everyone not only for his goals for Loko, of which he scored over 50, but also for his amazing somersaults, with which he celebrated his goals. Janashiya's last goal for Lokomotiv became one of the most important in the pre-championship history of the club: in the last minute of the final match of the Russian Cup with Anji, Zaza equalized the score, and in the penalty shootout, the railwaymen won their fourth Cup in history.
34 goals
Manuel Fernandes
30 goals
Maicon Marques
Number of goals in one championship (major league)
20 goals in 1961
Viktor Voroshilov
The championship in this nomination was shared by the legendary Lokomotiv forward of the 50-60s Viktor Voroshilov and striker of the 90s Oleg Garin. In 1961, Voroshilov managed to score 20 goals in the top league of the Soviet championship, but even with such an impressive figure, he failed to become the first scorer of the season, he was two goals behind the leader. Approximately the same thing happened in 1994 with Garin: Dynamo's Simutenkov was literally one goal ahead of him. However, in Russian history, none of Lokomotiv's scorers has come close to Garin's record of 20 goals per season. If we take the records of the first league, then Vladimir Mukhanov is out of competition here, who scored 22 goals in 45 matches in the 1981 season. Mukhanov has also scored six goals in six cup matches.
20 goals in 1994
Oleg Garin
17 goals in 1960
Viktor Sokolov
Number of Goals per One Championship (First League)
22 Goals in 1981
Vladimir Mukhanov
Mukhanov's first season in FC Lokomotiv turned into a promotion to the first league and a change in the coaching bridge. Alexander Sevidov, who headed the railroads in 1981, made the combinational football for our team. It allowed Vladimir to show his goalscroing skills and score 22 times in 45 games. In the final 46th game of the championship, Vladimir did not play, and Loko lost to BC CSKA Kyiv and fell behind the passing second line of the tournament table. There were only 2 points left, which were just awarded for the victory. Despite what happened to the team, Mukhanov scored at least 11 goals per season in the first league. In total, he scored 50 goals in the second division in three years. In 1981, Mukhanov also set a club record for goals per one season: 28 accurate hits (22 in the first league and 6 in the USSR Cup).
The Fastest Goal
20 Second of the Match
Vladimir Korotkov
On October 18, 1966, in the 31st round of the first group (top division) of the USSR championship, FC Lokomotiv met FC Pakhtakor Tashkent. Despite the status of the home game, the match took place outside of Moscow, by decision of the USSR sports committee. It was far away from the capital, in Barnaul, the administrative center of Altai Krai. With the starting whistle, two Vladimirs rushed to attack the gates of the guests. Vladimir Korotkov scored from the pass of Vladimir Kozlov. The game ended with a shutout victory for the hosts. The second goal in the historic game was scored by Kozlov, who scored the second goals in the match.
Longest streak without conceding goals
941 minutes (10 matches)
Ruslan Nigmatullin
Goalkeeper Ruslan Nigmatullin remains the author of the longest "dry" series in the club's history to this day. In the period from 1999 to 2000, the goalkeeper of the "railroad" spent 10 matches "to zero" - the "dry" series was 941 minutes. The record could be broken only 17 years later — Rostov goalkeeper Nikita Medvedev had 1034 minutes. It is surprising that Medvedev then spent a part of his career in our club.