Valentin Granatkin
Valentin Granatkin
Lokomotiv became the last but the main club in Granatkin's career. For the team of railway workers, Valentin Aleksandrovich played 89 matches from 1936 to 1943, after which he moved to the position of a sports official. The ex-goalkeeper of Loko grew up to the first vice-president of FIFA and forever made his name in the history of world football. When in 1936 Lokomotiv won the first USSR Cup in history, it was Valentin Granatkin who came out with the captain's armband. In addition, he is the only athlete in Russian history who was a part of the USSR national team in hockey and football tournaments both.
Mikhail Antonevich
Mikhail Antonevich
Antonevich managed to play in many teams, including the Minsk Dynamo, for some time wandered around the Moscow Dynamo, Spartak and Torpedo, but did not play a single official match for them. And the defender ended his career at Lokomotiv, for which he played 114 matches (more than for any other club) from 1947 to 1951. After completing his playing career, he worked for three years in the coaching staff of Lokomotiv.
Gennady Zabelin
Gennady Zabelin
Gennady Zabelin played his entire career in Lokomotiv. He was team captain from 1952-1954. In 1957, the railroad won the USSR Cup for the second time in history, beating Spartak 1:0 in the final. Before the final, Zabelin broke a rib, but there was no equivalent substitute for the defender, and the captain with a fracture led the team to a winning match. The wife of Gennady Stepanovich Zabelin, Berta Grigorievna Panova-Zabelina, was the coordinator of the Kids Football League for many years and supported her native team at the stadium in Cherkizovo until the end of her life. On October 3, 2008, Gennady Zabelin's star was unveiled on the Walk of Fame near the stadium in Cherkizovo.
Vitaly Artemyev
1956, 1960-62
Vitaly Artemyev
Artemiev played for Lokomotiv for 10 years: from 1953 to 1962 he played 210 matches for our team and scored 7 goals, won silver medals in the 1959 USSR championship and the 1957 Cup of the country. At the same time, in 1956 and from 1960 to 1962, Vitaly Sergeevich was the captain of the team. Vitaly Artemiev remained in football even at the end of his playing career, becoming an active football figure. Vitaly Sergeevich headed the Lokomotiv school, and then was the chairman of the Moscow Football Federation. With the active participation of Artemyev, in 2011 the museum of the club was opened, with which Vitaly Sergeevich shared exhibits from his personal collection. On October 4, 2009, Artemyev's star appeared on the territory of the stadium at the Walk of Fame.
Boris Petrov
Boris Petrov
Boris Petrov scored only 11 goals in 110 matches for the club - a low number for a striker. However, as it was noted by the famous coach Serafim Kholodkov, "it is difficult to name the role of this ubiquitous player." Indeed, Petrov could play the role of a clean forward and close the flank, and with failed attacks, he came back to the defense. Such versatility and efficiency allowed Petrov to become captain immediately after joining Lokomotiv in 1965 and to remain so for all four years at the club.
Zoltan Miles
Zoltan Miles
The future legendary "railroad worker" Zoltan Miles was born in the Hungarian town of Mukachevo, which later became part of the Soviet Union. Miles came to Lokomotiv at the age of 25, but he took his “position No.1” only after a while, when our club was relegated to the First League of the USSR - there Miles demonstrated his best qualities: tenacity, jumping ability and lightning-fast reaction. Subsequently, Miles was compared with Ruslan Nigmatullin, and Ruslan - with Zoltan. Miles died in 1997, he was only 53 years old.
Vladimir Mukhanov
Vladimir Mukhanov
Vladimir Mukhanov played for Lokomotiv for three years - from 1980 to 1983. The striker scored 63 goals in 172 matches. After the end of his career, Mukhanov took up coaching, having worked with many clubs - from the Ramensky Saturn to the Kazakhstan Tobol.
Sergey Bazulev
Sergey Bazulev
Bazulev played almost a hundred matches for Spartak Moscow and Dynamo Kirov, but the peak of Sergey Vasilyevich's career fell on Lokomotiv. He played 106 games for the railwaymen, showing excellent defensive qualities - apparently, this prompted Spartak to return the defender to his team, where he became the champion of the USSR in 1989.
Aleksey Kosolapov
Aleksey Kosolapov
Kosolapov began his career in the Moscow Spartak reserve team, after which he was invited to the Latvian team RAF, for which he played almost a hundred matches, scoring 34 goals. In 1992, Kosolapov plays only one match for Spartak Moscow, after which he leaves for Dynamo-Gazovik, where Lokomotiv notices him. For our club, Alexei plays 146 matches and after a year of being in the team becomes its captain, which he is until leaving in 1997 for Sporting from the Spanish Gijon. Kosolapov finished his playing career in 2009 in Kazakhstan's Aktobe, after which he worked in the coaching staff.
Igor Chugainov
Igor Chugainov
Igor Chugainov moved to Lokomotiv twice. For the first time he stayed at the club only for a season, but the second coming of Chugainov to Loko became truly fateful. The defender who has not received a yellow card for years is Chugainov. The man who competed in the national team with the “untouchable” Viktor Onopko in those years is Chugainov. Chugainov, who scored not just goals, but the most important goals for Lokomotiv — this is Chugainov.
Dmitriy Loskov
2002-07, 2010-12
Dmitriy Loskov
Dmitry Loskov is the captain with whom Lokomotiv achieved its highest successes: twice became the best team in Russia and reached the playoffs of the Champions League. Loskov's statistics was also astonishing - there was no more effective player in the history of Loko, and it is almost impossible to find players with such a pass and understanding of the game. It is no coincidence that when, after the departure of Igor Chugainov, the question arose of who to entrust the captain's armband, everyone agreed that Loskov was the most suitable candidate for this role. In the summer of 2010, Loskov, whose contract with Saturn had ended by that time, was again invited to Lokomotiv. On September 12, for the first time after returning to our club, Dmitry entered the field in the starting lineup and immediately as a captain. According to Sychev, he gladly gave the bandage to a more experienced partner.
Igor Denisov
Igor Denisov
Before the start of the 2017/18 season, ended with a championship trophey of Lokomotiv, Igor Denisov was appointed captain of the team. The leadership qualities of the midfielder had a great influence on Lokomotiv's third victory in the RPL.
Vedran Corluka
2015-17, 2019-21
Vedran Corluka
At the end of the 2014/2015 season, Lokomotiv defender Vedran Corluka was recognized by the fans as the team's best player and entered the list of 33 best players according to the Russian Football Union. At the training camp before the start of the 2015/16 season, Vedran received the captain's armband. Shortly before the start of the 19/20 season, Corluka became the captain again and spent this role until 21/22 season.
2013-15, 2021-23
Although the Brazilian goalkeeper Guilherme came to Lokomotiv back in 2007, for objective reasons he made his debut for the main team only in 2009 - in the game with Tom. However, with his confident actions on the field, he quickly won the place of the first number of the team, and from the next season he already received "#1" on his goalkeeper's jersey. Just as confidently, Guilherme joined the team, quickly becoming one of the leaders of Lokomotiv. As a result, by the end of 2012, the Brazilian had accumulated about a hundred matches in the “railwaymen”, and at the subsequent winter training camp, the head coach of the red-greens decided to make Guilherme the team captain.
Dmitri Barinov
Dmitri Barinov
The graduate of the Lokomotive Academy, he debuted for the first team in May 2015. Dmitri began his eighth season as a vice-captain. Since October 2021, he took up his duties as a captain due to Guilherme’s ingury. In the 2021/22 season, Dmitri Barinov wore the captain’s armband in matches for the Russian national team.

All Lokomotiv captains

Года Капитаны
1936 Валентин Гранаткин, Дмитрий Максимов
1937 Иван Андреев
1938 Иван Андреев, Владимир Мошкаркин, Николай Ильин
1939 Владимир Мошкаркин
1945–1946 Виктор Лахонин
1947–1949 Михаил Антоневич
1950–1951 Владимир Осипов
1952–1954 Геннадий Забелин
1955 Евгений Рогов
1956 Виталий Артемьев
1957 Виктор Ворошилов
1960–1962 Виталий Артемьев
1963 Валентин Бубукин, Иван Сорокин
1964 Иван Сорокин
1965 Борис Петров, Борис Беляков
1966–1967 Борис Петров, Владимир Радионов
1968 Владимир Басалаев, Борис Петров
1969 Борис Петров, Борис Кох
1970 Валерий Шелудько, Рудольф Атамалян
1971 Рудольф Атамалян, Борис Журавлёв
1972 Борис Журавлев, Вячеслав Клыков, Николай Гончаров
1973 Николай Маслов
1974–1975 Золтан Милес
1976 Юрий Сёмин, Владимир Ряховский
1977 Владимир Ряховский, Евгений Александров, Александров Аверьянов
1978 Владимир Ряховский, Александров Аверьянов, Алексей Овчинников
1980 Владимир Муханов
1981 Евгений Александров
1982 Владимир Муханов, Александр Хомутецкий
1983 Сергей Бабурин
1984–1985 Александр Бокий, Владимир Шевчук
1986 Виктор Шишкин
1987–1988 Сергей Базулев
1989 Сергей Горлукович
1990–1991 Евгений Милешкин
1992–1993 Сергей Подпалый
1994–1997 Алексей Косолапов
1998–2001 Игорь Чугайнов
2002–2007 Дмитрий Лоськов
2007–2009 Динияр Билялетдинов
2009–2010 Дмитрий Сычёв
2010–2012 Дмитрий Лоськов
2013–2015 Гилерме, Александр Самедов
2015–2017 Ведран Чорлука
2017–2019 Игорь Денисов
2019–2021 Ведран Чорлука
2021–н.в. Гилерме
2021–н.в. Дмитрий Баринов