Jose Couceiro: “We have found the common language with players”

President has made a right choice

In football people like to pin labels, particularly in Russian football. To announce the sentence before the first played match is a «good» form now. «That`s it, Lokomotiv has failed, they have invited unknown Portuguese coach» – told some specialists in the lobby when it was announced, that Portuguese manager had become a new coach of our team.

Some journalists and specialists couldn`t control themselves and lobby talks appeared in newspapers. Now it`s very difficult for them to save the face. Now everybody has understood: Couceiro wasn`t taken randomly. He was being chosen. Lokomotiv had't been just looking for famous and free coach, but necessary in concrete moment. A coach who is suit for this moment and this team. A coach who prefers to keep than to break. The coach who wouldn`t get lost in jungles of Russian football, but find himself here.

President of the club Olga Smorodskaya had a difficult choice. And she has made it. Right choice, deliberate and intuitive at the same time.

On the question: «Did you expect so successful start in your Russian career?», – Jose answered:

– I always expect the best. And I always do my best. I used to different situations. But it`s my destiny that I often start to work with a team which is in a difficult situation. We have to be ready to any turns in our life.

For three months in Russia Couceiro has opened for all football world. For both outward and inner. Players say about him next.

Marques Maicon: «With coming of new coach we have found the second breath. And it`s very important as well that players have become to believe in themselves more, to believe in a possibility of win in any situation».

Magomed Ozdoev: «Couceiro sheds the confidence in himself. It`s obvious: he`s a real man!»

Andrey Ivanov: «Even if the game doesn`t pass according to our plan, Couceiro doesn`t fail».

Jose continues to learn Russia

One more plus for Jose Couceiro is that he has come to Russia no committed, without dictated opinions and views. He looks on the team with his fresh look and make his own conclusions. He
hasn`t stereotypes. He looks for and doesn’t stop in his search.

It`s difficult to remember such rotation of the squad in Russian football, which gets the positive result. With Couceiro Yanbaev and Andrey Ivanov scored their first goals for Lokomotiv, Shishkin has bloomed up in a new way. Da Costa scored two goals in one game for first time in his career. And it`s just about defenders! We are taught to think that defense is the most no changing place in any team. But Couceiro gives a regular practice for 7 defenders!

It`s the same about other lines. With Couceiro midfielder Glushakov has deserved the invitation for the national team and has already asserted himself there. Striker Caicedo scored in 3 games of last 4 and deserved a good image in Russian media. Couceiro is looking for and let players to seek as well. He gives that possibility and to young Ozdoev, and to very experienced Loskov. And to Tarasov, who missed half a year due to injury, and to Zapater, who is trying to find himself in a new country.

By the way it`s very interesting to see how Couceiro himself is adapting in Russia.

«Concerning Moscow, I imagined it to myself quite right, – says Jose. – I don`t experience surprises or additional worries because of living in Moscow. But, frankly speaking, everything that is located outside Moscow I open for myself for first time. I more and more learn Russia which I hadn`t known. And the difference between Moscow and many other Russian cities is very visible.

Touching the communication Russians in their characters a few closed but very hospitable. All people who work in our training camp treat us fantastically. Portugueses as well are very hospitable. But Russia is a very big country where many nations have mixed. And all people have different temperament. One in Vladivostok, second in south regions, third in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Russia is a whole continent.

Simple human contacts on streets don`t cause any problems for me. However Russian people don`t smile often. May be it`s for lack of sunny days. When you see the sun, life looks quite different».

Favourite word of Jose is «Spokoino»

It`s obvious that Couceiro is to pass a lot and prove a lot in our country. He has made only a first step. Yes, this step was confident and calm. Bur skeptics are very waiting that moment, when Jose will face problems. And then to start their favourite song: «We knew, we said». Is Jose himself ready for this?

– We have to be ready for everything, – says Couceiro. – I will cope. The most important is that players should react with no worry to these moments.

«Spokoino (calmly)» is a favourite word of Jose. He studies Russian with interest and makes glad journalists by his new knowledge. He doesn’t refuse from the possibility to go on the match of Russia national team by subway. He imbibes all the new information about our country with enjoy.

Couceiro lives not only in today. You can see him on the match of youth team. Jose as well makes sparrings between first and second team regularly. And it`s a chance for young players. They understand that they are scouted. We have to do justice for head coach of youth team Vladimir Volchek as well, with whom railwayboys have occupied the first position in their tournament.

We will see how the alliance of Couceiro and Lokomotiv will develop. Nobody knows what tomorrow day will bring. Sometimes the destiny makes so turns, that weren`t dreamed to best detective writers. But it`s necessary to work for future. To build the base of future successes.

It`s very important in football to combine achievement of concrete results with work for future. It seems Jose Couceiro is trying to succeed in both directions. And he is not fussy. Quite the reverse he is very solid man. It`s as well very important for the team which follows its coach.

– Do the players understand you completely? Do you have any problems with communication? – we asked Couceiro.

– Some players speak Portuguese, some Spanish, many players speak or understand English. We speak different languages, but understand each other. We have found the common language – football language.

I don`t build castles in the air. I live with nearest tasks. We have only one goal – to achieve the maximum result in each game.

In these words is the whole of Couceiro. To play on maximum in each game is the motto of today`s Lokomotiv.

However we don`t have to forget that result determines everything in football. Till the team shows a result you are on the top. But it`s very important at such moment not to fly up very high in your own eyes. It`s very important to continue to work every day and hard, without symptoms of star fever. And in this case everything will be done, we don`t doubt.
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04 October 2011 09:29

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