Difficult victory over Enisey

Krasnoyarsk met us with light snow and strong winds. It was great that the match was held in the indoor pitch of the Yenisei Football Arena.

Compared to the last match, there was only one change in Lokomotiv's starting lineup. Elina Samoilova returned after her sickness and took her place in the center of the field.

From the very start whistle, our girls, remembering the last match here, tried to seize the initiative. The red-greens took control of the ball. It seemed that a goal is only a matter of time. However, the Enisey managed to hold back the starting onslaught of our football players.

In the 19th minute, Nelli Korovkina was stopped against the rules near the penalty area by the defender of the home team. The referee showed a yellow to the player of the Krasnoyarsk team and awarded Loko with a free kick. Lokomotiv's players performed their homework perfectly: Yana Sheina ran past the ball, pulling several Yenisei players onto herself. Marina Fedorova at that time rolled the ball under the shot of Anna Belomytseva. A powerful and accurate shot of our capitan forced the hostess' goalkeeper to capitulate. 0:1, Loko took the lead in the 20th minute of the match.

Players of "Yenisei" managed to answer very quickly. A dangerous throw into the penalty area at the attacking hostess Tatyana Evodo could have ended in a goal, but our Tatyana Shcherbak repelled the opponent's shot at point-blank range.

Before the break, Lokomotiv created several more dangerous chances, but failed to double the lead.

In the debut of the second half, the hosts' players could score the goal However, Valentina Zhukova's shot did not work out.

At the 54th minute of the match, Natalya Mashina, who replaced Yana Sheina on the field, almost doubled Loko's advantage with the first touch. However, her headbutt came close to the bar.

Literally ten minutes later, the red-greens succeeded in a cool attack. Nelly Korovkina made a soft cross into the penalty area of Enisey. Marina Fedorova in the fall of the "fish" sightedly hit her head, but the goalkeeper of opponent Tsirulnikova saved her team in a beautiful jump.

The end of the match was held in a bitter struggle, and Loko ended the match in the minority at all - Kaylan Williams received a second yellow card after a skirmish with the goalkeeper of the rivals. However, no more goals were scored.

Lokomotiv wins a difficult away victory with a minimum score of 0:1. The only goal in the first half was scored by Anna Belomytseva.

Superlague,Round 3

Enisey – Lokomotiv 0:1 (0:1)
Goal: Belomytseva, 20 (0:1)

Lokomotiv: Shcherbak, Mashkova, Belomytseva, Williams, Galay, Kozlova, Samoilova, Fedorova, Ruzina, Sheina (Mashina), Korovkina.

Enisey: Tsirul’nikova, Dorofeeva, Evodo, Kasina, Abramenko, Zhukova, Ananyeva, Eremeeva, Tir, Sheikina.

Red card: Williams, 90 (Second yellow card).
Press-office of FC Lokomotiv


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