Confident victory over Chertanovo

Although Lokomotiv was listed as the favorite of the match, no one was too relaxed in the team. Especially considering the fact of Chertanovo's confident victory over Zvezda-2005 in Perm in the last round.

The pitch today was not easy: the weather in Moscow is not like in spring at all, and it snowed all day.

 The starting lineup of Lokomotiv had some changes comparing with the previous match against Enisey. Kaylan Williams has received second yellow card in that match and was missing this one. Instead of her Elina Samoilova took the place in the center of the defense. The center of the field was given to Victoria Kozlova. Marina Fedorova and Natalia Mashina were trying to help her.

 From the very beginning of the match, the red-greens tried to show who is the boss here, seizing the initiative. And the starting onslaught ended with a quick goal. Marina Fedorova in the guests' penalty area tried to beat her opponent elegantly, and the ball hit the hand of Ksenia Dzhinikashvili. The referee of the match, Anastasia Varfolomeeva, immediately appointed a penalty kick. The right to shoot a penalty went to captain Anna Belomyttseva. Her shot was powerful and accurate, the goalkeeper could not save. 1:0 already in the third minute of the match.

Right after the goal, the Loko players created several more dangerous attacks, but they failed to realize their chances. As for he the opponent, they managed to move the game away from their goal. 

Only in the 33rd minute of the match, our team could double their advantage. A quick throw of the ball from out by Marina Fedorova made the Chertanovo defenders to become confused. Nelly Korovkina beat her opponent in the penalty area and shot Diana Ponomareva's goal from close distance.

 In the second half, the game has changed a bit. Teams increasingly played on a collision course. On the attacks of Lokomotiv, the players of the guests almost instantly responded with their attacks. It seemed that the match would end this way, but Nadezhda Ilyinykh, who came on as a substitute, did not think so. Her powerful and incredibly accurate long-range shot hit the crossbar and landed over the goal line.

 The result of the match is 3:0, more than a confident victory for Lokomotiv.
We thank our fans for your support at the match!

 Superlague-2022, Round 4
 Lokomotiv – Chertanovo 3;0 (2:0)
Goals: Belomytsheva, 3 — penalty (1:0). Korovkina, 33 (2:0). Ilyinykh, 86 (3:0).
 Lokomotiv: Shcherbak, Belomytseva, Samoilova, Mshkova, Galay, Kozlova, Fedorova (Ilyinykh), Mashina (Morina), Sheina, Ruzina (Morozova), Korovkina.
 Chertanovo: Ponomaryova, Bessolova, Dzhinikashvili, Shvedova, Tren’kina, Belousova, Rukina, Svistunova, Dergousova, Dubova, Petukhova
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