Portnyagin: I hope this defeat will make us stronger

Lokomotiv forward Igor Portnyagin summed up the match against Ufa (0:1) during his visit to the #OurCherkizovoLIVE studio.

- I am still gaining form. My senses tell me it gets better game after game. Lokomotiv have different demands, and the training intensity is different. I wish we had converted the penalty and won the match today, but this is life.

- What went wrong with that penalty?

- Nemanja drove a crisp shot - the opposing keeper was excellent, too. If you stand by, penalties seem easy to convert but... Ufa did not get a single shot on target, yet they came out on top. I hope this will make us stronger, though.

- How do you assess Lokomotiv in terms of class?

- Loko is a bunch of performers. Trainings develop mutual understanding.

- You and Skuletic feature in similar roles on the pitch. What is your asset in this rivalry?

- I am motivated by good competition. I fully apply myself in each training session.

- How does it feel after the debut match at our ground?

- Feels great, at the same time I am sorry the fans had to leave unhappy. Lokomotiv stadium is one of those grounds which have historical importance for Russian football. I remember coming to Cherkizovo with friends when I was 14. We sneaked inside to watch a game. Eventually guards led us out.

пресс-служба ФК «Локомотив»
17 September 2016 21:56