Lisakovich: It’s a dream to score a goal in the first Champions League game!

Vitali Lisakovich scored a goal against Salzburg (2:2) in the Gameweek 1 of the Champions League group stage and shared his emotions right after the game.

- How would you rate the start of the team in the Champions League and your debut?

- The team played well in the first 30 minutes, but conceded from set piece. We didn’t start particularly well the second half. We could have gotten the three points. We are moving on. We have important games and a busy schedule ahead.

- What did Nikolic pay attention to before bringing you on as a substitute?

- It was necessary to play tight with holding midfielders. I think I was able to complete the game plan, although in some moments I could have played quicker.

- In the moment with the goal, Ze Luis competently took the defender away.

- Yes, I will also acknowledge his actions. It seemed to me that the goalkeeper threw the ball into the goal by himself. The cross was good, I ended up alone at the far post. The first match in the Champions League and immediately a goal is a dream. When I was little, I watched how they play on TV. The atmosphere is certainly not the same, everything is different. To score in a half empty stadium is not the same.

- It seemed that after the goal you fell out of the game a little.

- Maybe emotions, adrenaline. I tried to come back and help. The Austrians recovered the ball well, we played more on counter attacks, played as number two.

- Salzburg is not as scary as people said?

- This is a very young and fast team that scores a lot. At home we will play as number one and try to get the three points. But the second game is not soon.

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21 October 2020 22:17