Our Academy

FC Lokomotiv has a unique infrastructure, which is fully and wholly used by our Academy's players.

The club's sport facilities in Cherkizovo and Perovo are represented by the football fields with the latest generation of artificial turf, football arenas and the Loko-Sport universal complex.

Малая спортивная арена
Полноразмерное поле с трибунами на 10.000 человек. Искусственное травяное покрытие с подогревом
Тренировочное поле №6
Искусственное травяное покрытие.
Поле 102х68
Крытый манеж
Большой манеж с трибунами для зрителей.
Поле 90х55

The Loko-Sport multifunctional complex has become part of our Football Academy, offering a wide range of sport areas.