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The History of the Lokomotiv Academy Formation

In the Soviet years, there were two branches of the Lokomotiv football school. One of them was located in Cherkizovo. Another one was situated at the base of the Ministry of Railways near Losiny Ostrov National Park. The base was represented by the Lokomotiv-Yaroslavka Stadium on Shushenskaya st. (Moscow). Now this stadium is called the Red Arrow. In the early 90s, the Cherkizovsky branch of our school was closed.

In 2000, at the initiative of Valery Filatov, the president of FC Lokomotiv fr om 1992 to 2006, the Non-State Educational Establishment Center for Education and Sport Lokomotiv was created. In other words, the Lokomotiv Academy in the form in which we know it these days. The first director of the Academy was Mikhail Linkov. The boarding school in Cherkizovo was organized for non-resident players. In addition, the secondary school was built for the football players of the Academy. At that time, the Sport Center had only one football field and a small arena. A piece of land was also purchased on Lazo st., wh ere the Lokomotiv-Perovo Stadium was built a few years later. Soon enough, the second branch of the Academy, now called the Lokomotiv-2 school, moved there. The project of the field under the dome was designed. Since 2001, the Lokomotiv Academy has begun to play in the Highest Division of the championship among the Moscow sports schools.

In 2008, under Lokomotiv President Nikolay Naumov, the Loko-Sport multifunctional complex was opened on the territory of the Lokomotiv stadium. Now it houses all the offices of the Center for Education and Sport Lokomotiv, and also a mini-football field, a gym, medical and rehabilitation centers. The construction of the Lokomotiv Small Sports Arena was started. For the training of striking techniques, the small football field with a practice wall was installed nearby.

Under Olga Smorodskaya, the Lokomotiv president fr om 2010 to 2016, the under the dome field was replaced by a modern arena, wh ere footballers can comfortably play all year round. Moreover, another field for trainings was laid with artificial turf. At the Lokomotiv Small Sports Arena, immediately after the commissioning, the Academy footballers began to play their matches.

During its existence, our Academy has managed to work with huge amount of highly qualified coaches, who trained and educated dozens of future football stars.

Директора академии

Год Директор
2000–2003 Михаил Линьков
2004–2007 Андрей Родионов
2007–2009 Николай Юшкин
2010 Максим Мотин
2010 Борис Стрельцов
2011–2014 Владимир Кузьмичев
2014–2015 Сергей Павлов
2015–2018 Алексей Щиголев
2018–2020 Владимир Кузьмичев
2021–2023 Алексей Щиголев
2023-н.в. Дмитрий Балашов