Nikolic: We will give 100 percent

Nikolic: We will give 100 percent

Lokomotiv head coach Marko Nikolic spoke about the upcoming game with Bayern in the Gameweek 2 of the Champions League group stage.

- Bayern are the best team in Europe. We prepared, watched the matches, figured out what to do on the pitch. The most important thing is discipline and confidence. We have our strengths, we play at home. We respect the opponent, but this is football. We will fight against the best team in Europe and give all 100 percent - each player individually and the team as a whole.

- What is the state of the team after the defeat to Rotor?

- The mood is normal. We play with the best team in Europe. Everyone is happy to play against such a quality team. Let's try to play our football.

- Will Ignatiev and Rajkovic be able to play?

- Everyone is ready for the match.

- What can you say to those who do not believe in Lokomotiv?

- There are always skeptics, this is normal. It's not my job to answer them. My concern is to work with the team so that it can show itself on the field. The best team in Europe will come to Moscow. This is a good opportunity to watch top football and see how we play against such an opponent.

- What is Lokomotiv's chance?

- I will not talk about it. Bayern is very dangerous in fast attacks, good on set pieces. They have a lot of fast and quality players - they make lots of crosses from the wings. Lewandowski is one of the best strikers in Europe. But we also have strengths that we will try to use.

- What result will be acceptable?

- You can't say anything in advance. But I always think about winning. Who knows, maybe tomorrow a draw will be a great result? In any case, we will try to win.

26 October 2020 14:23

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