Kasaev: ‘The guys showed character’

Kasaev: ‘The guys showed character’

Lokomotiv midfielder Alan Kasaev summarized a Gameweek 21 match against Dynamo (2:2).

- It was obvious you tuned up in some special way for this game.

- It was a special game not only for me but for the whole team. We wanted to win but couldn’t. Plus the referee added fuel to the fire ejecting our player early in the second half.

- Could you say Lokomotiv are heroes they could come back one man down?

- The guys showed character. In the first half we played badly, I’m unsatisfied with myself. In the second half we improved more or less. Probably, the ejection had its effect and made us pull ourselves together. But you cannot judge a derby like this. You have to let play.

- Is it fair to complain about the absence of the disqualified players?

- Of course we missed Mykhalyk, Tarasov, and Durica, but we shouldn’t pay attention to it.

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04 April 2015 19:43

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