Rybus: We slept through the first half

Lokomotiv defender Maciej Rybus on the defeat to Salzburg (1:3) in the Champions League.

- Tough match, heavy emotions. How did you deal with the defeat?

- I feel angry. Everyone is upset. We wanted to win, but it didn't work out. We slept through the first half, the opponent scored two goals. It was hard to fight back. But we went forward and changed the formation. The game got better. We scored a goal, but Salzburg immediately scored the third. It was difficult to finish the match.

- Were you ready to play with the formation that you used in the first half?

- We thought we were ready, but it didn't work out on the pitch. I don't know if the problem is in the formation. In the first half it was as if we did not come on the pitch. We often lost the ball in our own half, giving the opponent the opportunity to create chances.

- The media wrote that after Atletico and Bayern we should beat Salzburg.

- Of course we should. The second half showed that we can play against them, like in the match in Salzburg. Nothing worked today. We need to analyze this match, look at the mistakes. We conceded two goals ourselves.

- Ahead is the game against Bayern. There are still chances for European spring.

- We must believe till the end. As long as there is a possibility, we will do everything to play a good match and get points.

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02 December 2020 11:08