Rybus: The support was incredible

Lokomotiv defender Maciej Rybus spoke about the match with Bayern (1:2) in the Gameweek 2 of the Champions League group stage.

- It was a really tough game. Share your impressions. How did you prepare, how did you motivate yourselves?

- There was not much time for preparation. We play every three days, and we lost the last match in the league to Rotor, so the mood was not very good. But we knew who we were playing against, we knew that this was the best team in the world, so there was no need to motivate ourselves too much. We went out and gave one hundred percent. We tried to play football and not just sit back in defence and kick the ball forward. We created many chances, had a good match. But we got zero points.

- Did Bayern surprise you today?

- I don’t think so. For two days we watched and analyzed their game, how they play under pressure, how they play in defence. The coach said that there will be a lot of chances if we take the ball off them and quickly make a long ball behind the back of the opponents. There were many moments, but the finishing was not very good.

- The main thing that fans feel right now is is pride. What are you experiencing?

- I am glad that the fans are happy, that they appreciated our work and how we fought on the pitch. I would like to thank them for their support. Everyone who was at the stadium supported us from the bottom of their hearts.

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28 October 2020 00:30