Miodrag Bozovic Resigns

Today, Miodrag Bozovic has quit as Lokomotiv manager. The reason behind the move is a chain of unsatisfactory results, and poor play quality demonstrated by the team. The management accepted the resignation.

Miodrag Bozovic: ‘The team have suffered a series of defeats. It’s clear that the objectives for this season will not be achieved. Meanwhile, the club provides all the conditions for effective work, and the roster allows to fight for the title. I have given a thought to the situation and decided to step down.

Unfortunately, I failed here as a coach, but I believe the club has great future. I will support the guys in the Cup Final.
I am thankful to the management, the players, and all staff for the joint work, and the fans for supporting the team. I wish all of them good luck. I’ll keep warm memories about Lokomotiv’.

Igor Cherevchenko has been appointed the acting head coach. He managed today’s practice.

пресс-служба ФК «Локомотив»
11 May 2015 12:34