Miodrag Bozovic: “The first two games had to be played with lower-level teams”

After the evening training session aired live on Loko-TV, Lokomotiv head coach Miodrag Bozovic summarized it in a flash-interview and shared his thoughts about Borussia U-23 team that the Railwaymen are playing against tomorrow.

- Miodrag, tell us about today’s training.
- It was just another pre-match training, they are all alike. First we warmed up, then played a passing square, and then played a scrimmage to get ready for the tomorrow’s game. It’s not the right time to introduce hard exercises. The training camp has just begun, and the players are in different form. We have to level their conditions first.

Everybody will get his chance to show what he’s made of, and everybody who does it well will play. I often joke that I pick the team for the first one or two games, then they do it themselves. Those who deserve the right to play will do it.
- What are your thoughts about the tomorrow’s game?
- It will be a good practice for us. We have to play the first two matches against the teams whose level is considerably lower. The aim is to win, to demonstrate good play, to score. But it’s hard to find such an opponent here, in Turkey. As for Borussia, of course we’re 100% stronger but right now it’s better to have a much weaker opponent.

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