FC Lokomotiv Defeated FC Krylya Sovetov in the last Match of the Season

FC Lokomotiv Defeated FC Krylya Sovetov in the last Match of the Season

May 21, FC Krylya Sovetov met FC Lokomotiv in the final round of the Tinkoff RPL in the season 2021/2022. The game was held at the Metallurg Stadium in Samara. It ended with a minimal victory of our team (1:0). Zhemaletdinov scored from Tiknizyan's pass.

In the first half Guilherme showed his skills. And it was also element of luck, which accompanied us during the first half. Vladislav Sarveli hit several times and from good positions, but in two moments our goal was saved by the post and the bar. In other moments, the captains saved the day and managed to save the goal from the hits of the opponents. In the second half, Lokomotiv changed the tactics and it immediately brought results. In the 52nd minute, Zhivoglyadov earned a free kick from the right flank. Tiknizyan passed from the set piece to Zhemaletdinov. Zhemaletdinov scored one touch (1:0).

In the 62nd minute, our team could have scored the second time. Zhemaletdinov played give-and-go with Jan Kuchta and was one-on-one with Ovsyannikov. However the host goalkeeper saved his partners. In his next attack Kuchta hit from an acute angle, and the bar, which saved our team in the first half, ruined our plans to score this time.

Jan Kuchta had a good moment in the 86th minute. Our Czech striker had advantages on the penalty area, took an excellent pass and was one-on-one with the goalkeeper. He shot into the near top corner, but at the very lat moment Ovsyannokov saved the ball. And just three minutes later, Guilherme made an incredible save after the bullet from Sarveli. Just bravo, Captain!

The results of the game has not changed (1:0).

TINKOFF Russian Premier League, round 30

FC Krylya Sovetov — FC Lokomotiv — 0:1 (0:0)
Goals: Zhemaletdinov, 52 (0:1).

Krylya Sovetov: Ovsyannikov, Gaponov, Gorshkov, Soldatenkov, Bijl (Pinyaev, 82), Zinkovsky, Vitiugov (Tsypchenko, 67), Yezhov, Kovalenko, Glushenkov, Sarveli.
Lokomotiv: Guilherme, Zhivoglyadov, Mampassi, Jedvaj, Rybus, Beka Beka, Maradishvili, Kerk (Miranchuk, 74), Zhemaletdinov (Karpukas, 54), Isidor, Kuchta (Kamano, 74). 

Yellow cards: Jedvaj, 20. Rybus, 36. Guilherme, 70. Chernikov, 90.

Referee: Artem Chistyakov (Azov).

May 21, 2022. Samara, Metallurg stadium.



FC Lokomotiv press service
21 May 2022 19:00