Kolomeytsev: We deserved a victory

Lokomotiv midfielder Alexander Kolomeytsev has summarized the game against Dynamo (2:2) of Gameweek 17 of the Russian Premier League.

- We deserved a victory. We created many chances in the second half, we scored and took the lead but conceded a discouraging goal. Probably we started to believe the game was ours and overlooked the opponent.

- How did you manage to win the initiative in the second half? In the first half Dynamo were totally dominant.

- I don't think they were. Play was equal. In the second half we had nothing to lose and charged many men forward.

- Were you ready to play on Sunday instead of Monday?

- I think yes. We have already played once every three days. If the fixture would have been scheduled for Sunday no one would have said a word.

- How did it feel to play in such weather?

- I wouldn't say footballers like playing in late November but the weather today was comfortable. Not too cold.

- How would you evaluate the team's performance in the first part of the championship?

- We're in top three but still we've wasted too many chances. We could be the leaders by now, or at least step on the heels of CSKA. Armymen are stumbling but we’re failing to capitalize on it.

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30 November 2015 21:50