Dmitry Zhivoglyadov's interview after the match against Spartak

The post-match interview with Lokomotiv defender Dmitry Zhivoglyadov after the victory derby with FC Spartak (1:0). This material is from LOKO TV.

– Was it the most difficult game in terms of weather conditions? I mean in which you have taken part?
– I think so. At least at this level – yes.

– Did the weather interfere with tactics, planned with the coach initially?
– Of course, especially in the first half. It was just impossible to control the ball, because the field simply did not allow it. Everything was powdered with snow. A lot of snow. We had to protect our backs and after that look for the moment to attack. In the second half, the field was just perfect. And here, both for us and for the opponents, the game went much better.

– What did the coaches say during the half-time? In the first half, Spartak attacked more efficiently. In the second half, Lokomotiv played more productively.
– The coaches just corrected our shortcomings. They said where to add, in what details. And we heard it, rebuilt ourselves and managed to win.

– It has always been believed that the legionnaires who came to the Russian team – they need time to adapt. However our legionnaires have arrived and immediately give results. What is the reason?
– It’s good that it works this way. But this is not always the case. They still need to adapt. But both our strikers, who are playing at the forefront now, are newcomers. They implement moments and help us to win.

– When was the last time you went to the match by train?
– I don’t even remember. 9 or 10 years ago.

– Does this require any special preparation for the match, when you have to travel so much by train?
– There is really nothing wrong with that. Everyone faces that. Now this is the situation, and we need to get out of it. Everything seems to be fine. If we all go together, there will be more time to talk to each other.

– Perhaps our legionnaires have never traveled like this before.
– It seems so. An we didn’t have that much either, if we talk about the professional stage of our career. When I was a kid, it was like that. But definitely not in a professional club.

– Please, tell us about your SV.
– It is really nothing special. I don’t remember it exactly. First, the ball hit me either in the leg, or in the back, and then I turned around and just knocked him out. It is the game, you know.


FC Lokomotiv Press Service // LOKO TV
03 April 2022 12:10