Aleksandr Filtsov: “The most important is that supporters should be satisfied”

Aleksandr Filtsov: “The most important is that supporters should be satisfied”
Goalkeeper of Lokomotiv Aleksandr Filtsov has given an interview for club`s press office.

- Which feelings has match against Zenit left? Is it possible to call this game a small exploit?

- I think yes. It is necessary to give a credit for the whole team. Guys had been playing till the end. We definitely deserved this win. It`s a pity, for sure, that we missed two goals. In case with goal of Lazovich I didn`t see the moment of kick. It was very difficult to handle with the kick in the second case as well, when Buharov scored. But the most important that we scored twice as much than missed. And I will try to handle with such kicks in the future.

- In the second half you rescued the team after Buharov`s kick.

- Everything helped me: and reaction, and intuition, and luck. I`m glad that I`ve helped to my team. If in that episode we had missed the third goal, the situation became very difficult for us.  

-  Did coaches of Lokomotiv personally estimate your game?

- Jose Couceiro after the match came up to each player, shook hand and thanked for the game. Personal “thanks” told goalkeeper’s coach Vitor Silvestre.

- As I know you embraced with Guilerme as well.

- Before the game he addressed me with words of encouragement, wished a good game and said not to worry. For this I very thanks to him.

- On Thursday Lokomotiv plays in Europa League against Sturm. With which feelings are you waiting the match in Graz?

- I would very like to play in eurocups. But it`s unknown yet, who will be in the line-up on Thursday.

- You have known the taste of big battles: Spartak, now Zenit…

- It`s a priceless experience. Games against such opponents are always very useful. However Lokomotiv is a superclub as well, not in a less degree, than Zenit. We also have a big history. And for me it`s a big honour to wear the t-shirt of this club. When we win, when supporters are happy and chant your surname – there are inexpressible feelings! The most important is that supporters should be satisfied. Only for their sake it is worth to play football.

13 September 2011 11:53

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