Nikolic: When the fans are behind, everything is different

Nikolic: When the fans are behind, everything is different

Lokomotiv head coach Marko Nikolic on the victory over CSKA (2:0) in the Gameweek 20 of the Russian Premier League.

- I would like to congratulate the team on the victory. Everyone did well! We continued the good work that we did at the training camp. Another clean sheet and we scored two goals. The pitch was not very good, as a result there were many mistakes and lots of fight. In the first half we played very well, in the second we got a bit tired. But we didn't have eight players, each of whom can be considered as a player from the first eleven.

The players who came on the field did a great job. I am satisfied. Unfortunately, we have nine days before the next game. The cup match was canceled, but the game against Tula was not rearranged. It will be a very important, difficult and tough match. Also I would like to acknowledge the atmosphere at the stadium. When the fans are behind, everything is completely different.

- Lokomotiv attacked both after 1:0 and 2:0. Is your team that strong, or is CSKA weak?

- CSKA is definitely not weak. This is a derby. It is a pity that we have such weather and that kind of pitch at the moment. We cannot show everything that we worked on at the training camp. But the team is now more aggressive, playing forward. There is still a lot of work to do.

- Mukhin had another great performance. Will he start against Arsenal?

- He started games at the training camp, played from the first minutes against Tambov and today. This is our decision.

- When should we expect Barinov to start games?

- I am very glad that he returned. Dima had a serious injury and did a good job at the training camp. We agreed that he will come on the pitch, if the situation permits. We are all happy that Dima is back. He's a great person and a good footballer.

- What happened in the episode when you got sent off?

- Nothing special. We talked with the fourth official, and he decided that I deserved a card. There are times when you need to be calm, but I thought that today I need to be emotional. Before the start of the season, we had a meeting with the referees. It is necessary to have this meeting again, so that everyone understands the rules: what is allowed and what is not, how much time must pass after the episode, when can you watch the replay.

27 February 2021 21:41

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