A good start to the weekend! Lokomotiv got a convincing win against Östersunds

A good start to the weekend! Lokomotiv got a convincing win against Östersunds

A good start to the weekend! Lokomotiv got a convincing win against Östersunds

In the second match of the second training camp, Lokomotiv played again against Östersunds, the team we defeated 3:1 a few days ago. If the last meeting turned out to be quite tense, and our team only managed to get the win only at the end of the game, this time our team scored four goals in the first half.

In the fifth minute, Eder tested the strength of the crossbar of the Swedish goal with a powerful shot from outside penalty area. Östersunds responded with a shot, in the middle of the half, that hit the post, after which Kamano got down to business.

It took Francois two minutes and two chances to score two goals. First, Zhemaletdinov put him one on one, and Kamano struck the ball past the goalkeeper, then Ignatiev made a cross into the box, and the Guinean’s shot went through goalkeeper’s legs.

In the 37th minute, Zhemaletdinov scored a well-deserved goal. Rifat tricked the defender, got past him and made a low shot into the far corner - goalkeeper had no chance.

In the 44th minute Eder killed all the hopes of the opponent to revive the game. The Portuguese went one-on-one, collided with a defender, shot at the goalkeeper, was first on the rebound, used his strength to get through and just went into the goal with the ball.

The second half started with a penalty kick. Ignatiev tackled Bellman in the penalty area, but Östersunds, as in the last match, did not convert the penalty. Ssewankambo hit the post, the ball bounced into Guilherme's back and flew into the field.

A few minutes later, Östersunds missed another chance - Hörberg shot over the crossbar from the center of the penalty area after a pass from the wing.

The game was getting slower with every minute. Lokomotiv practically did not attack, Östersunds attacked, but all their attack were quite simple and predictable- Murilo coped well with numerous crosses into the box. In the middle of the half, Turgott missed two chances with an interval of a minute. The Östersunds forward could not close the cross, while standing on the goalkeeper's line, and then shot near the post from 20 meters.

The score did not change until the final whistle. On February 9, Lokomotiv will play with Krasnodar-2. The match will begin at 18:30 (Moscow time).

Friendly match

Lokomotiv - Östersunds - 4:0 (4:0)
Goals: Kamano, 25 (1:0). Kamano, 27 (2:0). Zhemaletdinov, 37 (3:0). Eder, 44 (4:0)
Missed penalty: Ssewankambo, 47

Lokomotiv: Guilherme (Savin, 65), Rybus, Corluka (Chernyi, 70), Murilo, Rybchinskiy, Mukhin, Krychowiak, Ignatiev, Kamano, Zhemaletdinov, Eder
Östersunds: Mohlin, Haugan, Sonko, Ssewankambo, Weymans, Mensiro, Hörberg, Arhin, Fritzson, Stolt, Turgott
Bookings: Zhemaletdinov, 42. Mensiro, 42
February 5, 2021. Marbella, Marbella Football Center

05 February 2021 18:03

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