Lokomotiv shared points with Akhmat

Lokomotiv shared points with Akhmat

Lokomotiv had about a day to prepare for the match against Akhmat - on Thursday evening our team returned from Madrid and on Saturday morning they already flew to Grozny. The team arrived in Grozny without Miranchuk (sickness), Corluka and Guilherme (suspension). At the same time, Marinato missed the second match in a row. The reason behind it is that in the game against Dynamo, Marinato received a fourth yellow card and also a straight red.

Anton Kochenkov, who came out with a captain's armband, took place in goal. Corluka was replaced by Rajkovic, Rybchinskiy and Kamano played on the wings, Eder was the only striker, and the trio Krychowiak-Kulikov-Magkeev played in the centre of the field.

Krychowiak created the first chance in the game. Grzegorz got the ball near the penalty area, moved to the centre and passed it to Rybchinskiy - his shot was saved by Gudiev. Six minutes later Akhmat goalkeeper had to come back into the game. Eder won the air duel after the corner and headed the ball towards the top corner - Gudiev managed to pull a save.

Akhmat responded with counterattacks and were very active on the wings. Berisha was the biggest threat, making a number of dangerous crosses into the box, but none of the players were able to close them down.

At the end of the half, the teams exchanged moments. First, Kulikov hit the post with a powerful strike and later Melkadze almost lobbed the ball behind Kochenkov's back with a kick from outside the penalty area.

The second half had a similar scenario as the first half. Berisha kept running along the wing and crossing into the box, sometimes even shooting, but Kochenkov played great. Anton saved the team twice after strikes into the near corner and in the 70th minute he managed to pull a difficult save after Iljin came out one on one.

Lokomotiv could have scored from a free kick - Kulikov shot went above the wall, but hit the net from the outside.

Towards the end of the half, the game opened up and Lokomotiv created a few chances. Krychowiak started a counterattack, three against two, but made inaccurate pass to Eder in the penalty area. Ten minutes before the end, Rifat Zhemaletdinov put Ze Luis into a good position and Ze tried his luck - the goalkeepers today played better than strikers.

This was a second goalless draw for Lokomotiv in less than a week. On Tuesday, our team will face Salzburg in the Champions League.

TINKOFF Russian Premier League. Gameweek 16

Akhmat - Lokomotiv - 0:0

Akhmat: Gudiev, Nenakhov, Wílker Angel (Putsko, 26), Nizic, Bogosavac, Timofeev, Iljin (Aduev, 83), Berisha, Ismael Silva, Kharin (Polyarus, 46), Melkadze (Bystrov, 69)
Lokomotiv: Kochenkov, Zhivoglyadov, Rajkovic, Murilo, Rybus, Magkeev (Lisakovich, 84), Kulikov, Krychowiak, Kamano (Ignatiev, 77), Rybchinskiy (Zhemaletdinov, 77), Eder (Ze Luis, 77)
Bookings: Magkeev, 10. Melkadze, 43. Murilo, 45. Nenakhov, 61. Kulikov, 68
Referee: Kirill Levnikov (St. Petersburg)
November 28, 2020. Grozny, Akhmat Arena.

28 November 2020 21:05

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