«It was not unusual playing against Lokomotiv»

«It was not unusual playing against Lokomotiv»

Defender Aleksandr Silyanov and midfielder Nikita Iosifov played for the Russian U-19 team in the friendly game against Lokomotiv (3:1).

Aleksandr Silyanov

- I wouldn’t say I'm tired. In the last game, the national team played with one squad, today we came on. The match against Lokomotiv is the most common one. I train with the guys, so everything was familiar. We showed a good result before the Euro. We are preparing to achieve results there as well.

Nikita Iosifov

- Today I got tired after one half. The day before yesterday I played 90 minutes in a friendly game against Khimki and today I did not even expect to come on the pitch.

- On September 12 Kazanka plays, on September 14 - Lokomotiv. Will you be able to recover in time for those games?

- Yes, I will be one hundred percent ready.

- How was it to play against Lokomotiv?

- Normal practice game. We play against each other in training. The national team is preparing for Euro, Lokomotiv for the match with Rostov. I think during the training camp I showed good performances, showed that I am ready to help the team at Euro.

- In one of the episodes, Kulikov harshly stopped you in the centre of the field. Then you talked about something.

- Kulya was just joking. Everything was good.

07 September 2020 20:05

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