Lokomotiv and Spartak played to a 1-1 draw

Lokomotiv and Spartak played to a 1-1 draw

Lokomotiv and Spartak lost a number of key players before the derby. Spartak was missing Gigot and Zobnin, who were suspended. Lokomotiv missed Guilherme and Barinov, who didn’t recover in time for the game, while Krychowiak was suspended. Magkeev started along with Kulikov in midfield, Rybus and Ignatjev returned to their fullback positions. Eder started the game despite the minor injury he got in the last game.

Lokomotiv has not lost to anyone this year and were on a seven game unbeaten run. The team arrived to the Otkritie Arena in the status of one of the best away teams in the league, with only two losses in 13 games. On the other hand, Spartak’s home record this season isn’t great. They only have 3 wins in 13 matches and only one in the last ten. Nevertheless, Spartak’s record against Lokomotiv recently have been positive, they have not lost in four games in a row.

The game was intense from the beginning. In the first minute Kulikov joined the attack on the wing and rolled the ball to Joao. The Portuguese put away one defender, but then his shot was blocked. A few minutes later Spartak responded with a shot from Larsson. Jordan had a shot from the edge of the box, but Kochenkov saved it with his legs.

After that, the game calmed down a bit. Lokomotiv held the ball, while Spartak pressed high, trying to make our defenders nervous. However, neither Lokomotiv nor Spartak had any dangerous moments.

Spartak revived the game after the 30th minute. Bakaev passed Corluka and fired a shot into the far corner from 15 meters, but again, Kochenkov managed to save it with his legs. However, in one of the following attacks Spartak scored. Ayrton had space and was able to put the cross into the box, Ponce won the air duel and put the ball into the net.

Spartak did not celebrate for too long. Umyarov caught Miranchuk’s leg in the penalty area, Lapochkin pointed to the spot and sent Domenico Tedesco off from the bench. Lesha converted the penalty with ease.

The second half began with Spartak’s appeal for a penalty. Ayrton was one on one with Kochenkov, tried to dribble past the goalkeeper, but Anton reacted and pushed the ball away with his hand, while Ayrton fell down on the ground. A replay showed that Anton touched the ball first.

It took 35 minutes before the next chance in the game. The second half turned into one large Lokomotiv’s positional attack, where they controlled the ball for the most part, but Spartak defended well and didn’t give many chances away.

However, at the end of the game Lokomotiv could have snatched a victory. Murilo won the air duel after a corner and passed the ball to Eder. He took too much time on the ball and missed the moment for the shot, but at the end he managed to pass the ball to Lesha, who tried to curl the ball into the far corner from 15 meters. The shot went a little bit wide.

This is a third draw in a row for Lokomotiv. On Sunday, the team will face Ufa.

TINKOFF Russian Premier League. Gameweek 27

Spartak - Lokomotiv - 1:1 (1:1)
Goals: Ponce, 38 (1:0). Al. Miranchuk, 43 (1:1)

Spartak: Maksimenko, Dzhikiya, Rasskazov (Eshchenko, 92), Maslov, Gaponov, Ayrton, Bakaev (Sobolev, 79), Umyarov, Kral, Ponce, (Mirzov, 92), Larsson
Lokomotiv: Kochenkov, Ignatjev, Corluka, Murilo, Rybus, Magkeev, Kulikov (Zhemaletdinov, 46), An. Miranchuk (Rybchinskiy, 89), Al. Miranchuk, Joao Mario, Eder
Bookings: Rybus, 4. Kulikov, 8. Ponce, 13. Magkeev, 27. Bakaev, 45. Dzhikiya, 90.
Sending off: Tedesco, 43 (sent off from the bench)
Referee: Sergey Lapochkin (Saint Petersburg)
July 8, 2020. Moscow, Otkritie Arena

08 July 2020 22:32

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