Miranchuk: With Spartak, it’s always a derby

Miranchuk: With Spartak, it’s always a derby

Lokomotiv midfielder Alexey Miranchuk comments on the game against Spartak (1:1, 4:2 pen.) at the Parimatch Premier Cup.

- There was an abundance of hard tackles in this game. This friendly was hardly friendly.

- The billboard speaks for itself. Even a friendly against Spartak is always a derby, hence the mood. Winning a derby always feels good, even if it’s a training camp.

- In the first half, Lokomotiv had the initiative but after the restart Spartak started to dominate.

- They fielded many fresh players, raised the pace and pushed the epicentre forward. But we demonstrated character and patience, and our keeper saved. It’s okay.

- How’s Anton?

- He flew to Germany to consult with the doctor who did the surgery on him. He will be rehabilitating until Friday and then we’ll see. There’s no fracture but he needs a break. We’ll look forward to meeting him at the third training camp.

- Has Smolov already told you something about Spain?

- He moved very recently. Let’s give him some time and then we’ll text or call him. But we have already congratulated him on his debut.

- Was his departure a surprise?

- Fedor can bowl over indeed.

05 February 2020 21:09

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