Anton’s Injury And Penalty Shootout. Lokomotiv Loses To Partizan

Anton’s Injury And Penalty Shootout.  Lokomotiv Loses To Partizan

Lokomotiv took on Patizan on the second day after the arrival to the UAE and fielded by all means its almost top squad. On 11 minutes the teams exchanged threats. Anton Miranchuk tried to finish off Ignatyev’s cross but sent the ball straight into the keepers hands, later Barinov hit a post after the Railroaders played a corner. Partizan responded with a one-on-one by Sadiq. The Nigerian rounded Kochenkov but his attempt went wide while Magkeyev and Corluka secured the goal.

However, the game and dangerous attempts soon got overshadowed by injuries. Three of Lokomotiv’s players got hurt in the matter of minutes. The doctors rushed afield to help Barinov, Krychowiak and Anton Miranchuk. The former two were okay but Miranchuk had to be substituted for Joao Mario.

Lokomotiv opened the score in the middle of the first half in a lovely counter. Barinov picked the ball in midfield, passed to Miranchuk who immediately shared it with Zhemaletdinov on the flank. Rifat took it down the field and centered to the box where Eder made the final touch. Partizan equalized in just two minutes. Tosic moved to the centre from the right and had a go at the far corner, sending the ball into the back of the net.

In half-time the coaches made three substitutions, fielding Kulikov, Rybus and Murilo instead of Krychowiak, Barinov and Hoewdes. During the second half, however, both coaches almost completely reshuffled their teams.

In the second half, Partizan looked more aggressive but both sides created equal amount of chances. The Serbs could have taken the lead through Matic who was close to scoring a winner after a cross from the right. At Lokomotiv, Rybus’s goal was cancelled due to offside.

According to the rules of the tournament, a draw was immediately followed by the penalty shootout. Partizan were lucky - 4:2.

The Parimatch Premier Cup. Round 1

Lokomotiv - Partizan – 1:1, 2:4 pen
Goals: Eder, 31 (1:0). Tosic, 33 (1:1)

Lokomotiv: Kochenkov, Corluka, Hoewedes (Rybus, 46), Magkeyev, Ignatyev (Zhivoglyadov, 64), Barinov (Murilo, 46 (Kverkvelia, 64), Krychowiak (Kulikov, 46), Zhemaletdinov (Tugarev, 78), An. Miranchuk (Joao Mario, 18), Al. Miranchuk (Kolomeytsev, 72), Eder
Partizan: Stojkovic (N. Stevanovic, 46), Ostozic (Vujacic, 46), Pavlovic, Miletic, Urosevic, Natkho (F. Stevanovic, 63), Zdjelar, Tosic (Markovic, 46), Soumah (L. Pavlovic, 71), Asano (Sekic, 62), Sadiq (Matic, 62)
Bookings: Zdjelar, 16. Zhivoglyadov, 72.
February 1, 2020. Qatar, Aspire Academy Sportive Complex.

01 February 2020 16:21

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