Syomin: We have to be strong and make conclusions

Syomin: We have to be strong and make conclusions

Yuriy Syomin comments on the defeat from Arsenal (4:0) in Gameweek 19 of the Russian Premier League.

- An early goal in the second half had an impact on the consequent run of play. We wanted to euqlize, massively engaged in offensives and missed a counter-attack. The ejecton effectively cut the game short. The first half was pretty optimistic - but this is football. We have to be strong and make conclusions - later, with a cool head. We have to learn and accept this defeat. Today, Tula gave us a lesson on counterattacking play, with a particular emphasis on pace and tackles. That's the lesson. Probably, a useful one to think about during vacation.

- It seemed that the breakup happened in the game against Bayer.

- I think it's a psychological component, yes. But there are other factors - we have many changes in the team. Our reserve is not that big to allow this to happen flawlessly. We give much playing time to young players. And we have been unsuccessful so far.

- What's wrong with Guilherme?

- He's been checked and the doctors found nothing serious. I hope he will return to training soon. But it's not about Guilherme or Kochenkov, it's not about one player - it's about the team.

- The fans joined the protest today and left the stadium in the 30th minute. Were they right?

- It's a difficult situation from both sides. When Luis Figo moved from Barcelona to Real, the stands cursed him too. Maybe then they took some correct decision in Spain, and did not allow the problem to evolve. It's in the interest of football that the police and the fans find common ground. There is no football without fans. Such actions are not in the interest of football from both sides. Dzyuba has to be tolerant. He's a tough guy. When a player moves from one club to another he has to understand situations like these will happen and he will get his share of criticism. He has to be tolerant.

- Was it the fans' support that you lacked today?

- We felt their support. But what's important is our mistakes which we did not have to make.

06 December 2019 22:10

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