Höwedes: Early goal discouraged us

Höwedes: Early goal discouraged us

Lokomotiv midfielder Benedikt Höwedes comments on the defeat from Bayer (0:2) in the Champions League.

- You have played a lot against Bayer. Did Syomin ask your opinion before the game? 

- He did ask me about several players. We scrutinized the game. We had watched our game, and their match against Freiburg. So we knew the opposition.

- Miranchuk said the early goal heavily influenced the run of play. 

- Totally agree. It discouraged us. We had chances but conceded such an awkward goal. 

- Why did the start of the second half turn out so bad? 

- Bayer attacked high and forced us to make mistakes. We made unnecessary fouls. But we had chances. Had we scored a goal, probably, we could have built up pressure in the end and save the game. 

26 November 2019 23:43

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