Ilya Abayev: "It's Important To Implement Coach's Ideas"

Ilya Abayev:
Goalkeeper Ilya Abayev comments on the game against Lech Poznan.

- Ilya, we congratulate you on this victory. Was it easy to win?
- The opponents were strong but we won and it's good. Currently the most important part is to practice links and improve understanding between players, and learn how to put coach's ideas into practice. We did it with Lech, and it's important.

- What do you think of your play?
- It's okay. I feel good, no problem at all.

- Were there any specific tasks from the goalkeeper coach?
- No, it was a part of the general practice. I got some advice as usual as to what aspect of my play I should pay more attention to. This always helps.

- You conceded the only goal from a direct free kick. Lech's web site says it is their first such goal in three years.
- I should say the strike was almost ideal: the distance was short and the opponents didn't allow good vision of the ball. On the other hand, Lech never scored during open play.

- How do you feel here?
- Well, we work hard here and every day you improve yourself. Everything is well-planned and organized, no problems here. I think we're going to be 100% ready for the championship if we practice well.

01 February 2014 16:03

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