Railwaymen Arrive In Marbella

Railwaymen Arrive In Marbella

Lokomotiv's first-team squad have arrived at their base in Marbella, Spain as they prepare for the nie clash in the R32 of the Europa League.


The road to Marbella


Between the first and second training camps, the team got three days off, and they turned out to be saturated. Many lads saw each other at a festive event in Moscow, where Dmitry Tarasov and his chosen one Anastasia got married. Our congratulations!

Vitaly Denisov concluded a humorous agreement with Tarasov - and changed his look, cutting his hair. It was difficult to imagine Vitaly without a head of hear, but from now on this is a everyday reality.


Мужик спросил, мужик сделал @vitaliyd29

Публикация от Dmitry Tarasov (@tarasov23)

 In general, these events Iifted boys' spirits and on the way to Spain they had something to discuss. By the way, Loko was on the same flight to Málaga with Russian U21 Team, to which our striker Roman Tugarev was invited for the first time.

Call-up for Tugarev






Here, in Marbella, Yuri Syomin should decide his squad:

– If you compare with the first training camp, on the secong camp the nature of the trainings will change. There will be more work on speed-strength qualities, tactics, playing combinations. And, of course, this is the time of determining the squad, which we will use in the Nice tie.

Tomorrow, Loko will hold the first friendly at the seconf training camp, with the Croatian side Osijek.

01 February 2018 18:30

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