Syomin: We brilliantly took our scoring chance

Syomin: We brilliantly took our scoring chance

Yuri Syomin's press conference after beating Anji in Matchweek 17 of the Premier League.


- We brilliantly took our scoring chance. Lokomotiv took all three points and we’re moving forward. I’d like to thank all lads who played in defense and in attack. When it was necessary to defend, they defended. When It was necessary to counterattack, they attacked. Also I want to wish good luck to Anji. There is an unity, fight in this team. I think everything will be fine.

- How do you feel about talking about postponing game in Khabarovsk and move it to Sochi or Kaspiisk?

- It's not our desire, it's just the reality of life. Why do you need to torment players and play in the minus 20? In this weather, it's hard to walk, and the players have a pulse of 160-180 during the match. You can easily earn pneumonia. Why not play in Sochi or Makhachkala? In the Soviet era, there were postponed matches, if the weather did not allow to play. We need to think about football players and fans. Who will come to the stadium in the minus 20? At the same time, they say that Lokomotiv is afraid to fly to Khabarovsk. We are not afraid of anything. If necessary, we will fly and play.

19 November 2017 16:31

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