Pejcinovic: Three victories in a row will add confidence

Pejcinovic: Three victories in a row will add confidence

Lokomotiv defender Nemanja Pejcinovic has joined #OurCherkizovoLIVE show to tell about the victory over Anji (1:0), a third in a row for the Red-Green squad.

- How do you find it playing with Kverkvelia and Barinov in defence?

- We used the tactics with three central defenders last season, and practiced it at the training camp. We used to have problems with it but now we're playing more compactly.

- During the game, the coach switched to a two central defenders tactics.

- And it worked! We needed fresh blood in midfield. Anton Miranchuk came on and really caught the wave.

- And again you managed effective pressure in the end of the match when it could seem you would run out of breath after a hard start of the season.

- We have enough stamina. We felt a bit tired after the game against Spartak but were okay already after CSKA. I like this tempo. There are the Europa League games ahead. We have to get used to it.

- Will the nine points at the start add confidence?

- Of course. Now we're going to prepare for SKA-Khabarovsk. Judging by their game against Zenit, they are a worthy team.

30 July 2017 20:25

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