Dmitriy Loskov: Now I'm done, for sure

Dmitriy Loskov: Now I'm done, for sure
Lokomotiv midfielder Dmitriy Loskov has shared his emotions from the game against Orenburg at #OurCherkizovoLIVE studio.

- Emotions are overwhelming. I made the first touch and immediately had so many thoughts and desire! I could go on and on but it's clear I have to wrap up. Now I'm done. There's a new generation coming - look at the Miranchuk brothers. Look how they play and how they feel each other.
- Do you remember your first game at Lokomotiv?
- I used to worry much more back then. It was the first game, after all.
- Did you have a feeling of some kind of incompleteness during these years?
- Ideally I wanted to play the farewell game back when I was an active player and my contract was terminating. But all is well that ends well. I finished my career at my home statium and guided by Syomin.
- You communicated with the teammates a lot during the game.
- You have to talk more on the pitch. I was trying to give some advice to the guys. The start wasn't really good on our end, we missed a counter-attack, but eventually broke the run of play and won.
- You presented your playing T-shirt to your son. That's symbolical.
- It's in his hands. It's entirely up to him how he is going to grow and progress
- How did you like the fans?
- They made an amazing performance for Syomin. A lot of things coincided today - a victory, the Cup, Syomin. I thank the fans for their support. We're looking forward to seeing them on the game against Zenit. We'll try to finish with a win.

13 May 2017 22:25

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