Alan Kasayev: "At Lokomotiv, I can improve myself and help improve the team"

Alan Kasayev:
In his first interview with the official web site, Lokomotiv newcomer Alan Kasayev has said he and the team have to work hard at the summer training camp, and promised to be a reliable partner for the teammates.

- I'm happy to join Lokomotiv, - says Alan. - I'll try to be as useful as I can, and I know I'm able to do it. The main objective nowis to go through the mid-season smoothly and to start from scratch, as they say.

- Lokomotiv have had a good season and now the goal is to become even stronger. Do you realize that you are here for this?
- I do. I know I can improve myself and help improve the team. It is clear the club management are counting on me. I think our work at the training camp will convert to a good result next season.

- Is it important that you're staying in Moscow?
- Moscow itself is not important but I appreciate the interest towards myself shown by the manager and the president. After I had talked to both of them I realized Lokomotiv is the club that wants to have me. And I'm going to do my best to meet the hopes of the manager, the club and the fans. I saw how passionately they supported their players this season and my goal now is to prove I can play well here.

16 May 2014 17:22

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