Ignatiev: We were playing with gusto

Ignatiev: We were playing with gusto

Lokomotiv midfielder Vladislav Ignatiev visited the studio of #OurCherkizovoLive and summed up the 6:1 win over FC Tom.

- The vibes in the dressing room are quite different now, with smiles and jokes all around. We were so desperate to take the three points - we had such a prolonged winless run. This victory will lift the lads’ confidence ahead of the next fixture.

- As a matter of fact, it was a match of two halves. Why?

- I suppose it was all because of the goal we let in. Then we got really angry and stormed forward. We managed to equalize soon, which was good – from that moment on it became easier. I believe we converted everything.

- Tell us now a bit about yourself. You did not play a lot recently, and the few appearances were not particularly successful. Finally, we saw the same Vlad Ignatiev who used to crush everyone for Kuban.

- When I got transferred to Lokomotiv, I anticipated different quality from myself. This year was not so simple. It's a pity we have just one game left before the mid-winter break. But I will try hard and do my best in the remaining matches of the season to play the way coaches and fans want me to.

- You’ve been used in various positions. In which one do you feel more comfortable?

- Judging by tonight’s game, it must be the right wing slot. However, Yuriy Pavlovich sees me deployed at the back and as an attacking midfielder. I could actually cover either wing. Have to put in a shift no matter where you are used. Today our team played with gusto.

- How do you play matches like this time and again?

- Let me think – maybe, conceding first would do it? Just kidding. I suppose one should get in the right mood, brace up and trust oneself.

01 December 2016 22:50

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