Maicon: Happy to serve the team

Maicon: Happy to serve the team

Lokomotiv forward Marques Maicon shares his emotions after the 4:0 win over FC Anzhi on the air of #OurCherkizovoLIVE show.

- I believe this kind of start was hardly expected. But that was exactly what we needed! Barely underway, we already had the game. I hope we can keep it going.

- What instructions did you receive before hitting the pitch? After all, you were deployed as lone striker which is not your usual position.

- I had been training in this position for the whole week. It’s a familiar role for me. Sometimes I was also brought on to lead the attack back under Igor Cherevchenko. In fact, it does not matter where you play – the main thing is that you come on and help the team.

- What has helped you today? Self-confidence?

- I went through a hard turn in my life. The injury, months of rehab… My self-confidence was dwindling, so I am very grateful to Yuriy Pavlovich who had faith in me. When he took over as head coach, we had a conversation: Syomin said that he would like to witness more initiative from me. Deep down, I wanted the same thing. I hope we will play a successful game further on as well!

- No slacking off?

- We must stick to our guns – we won three out of the last four matches. Let’s improve our form and standing in the League table.

05 November 2016 22:05

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