Good Luck To Oleg Pashinin

Good Luck To Oleg Pashinin

Lokomotiv's acting head coach Oleg Pashinin has given his comments to the Press Service.

- On Wednesday the team has had a warm conversation with Igor Cherevchenko and we wished each other's success. We have started preparation for the game against Terek. Yes, there have been some alterations in the coaching staff but the work is going on. We understand that both the coaches and the players must show the best skills despite the difficulties. We must do everything to reach positive results. We are hearing the words of support from our fans and this inspires us. A lot depends on the fans now and we really count on their suppor, - says Pashinin.

- We wish success to Oleg Pashinin and all the coaching staff. We really hope that his football experience will help the team find their best play and improve our position on the tournament table. We will do everything we can to let the team feel themselves confiden, - says Lokomotiv's new president Ilya Gerkus.

Today the new president will meet the managers.

11 August 2016 13:15

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