Last Game In Portugal

Last Game In Portugal

Lokomotiv lost to Aarhus in their third friendly in Portugal.

Lokomotiv and Aarhus from Denmark contested the third place at the Atlantic Cup. The Railwaymen's top XI looked pretty surprising with the youth trio of Barinov, Makarov and Zhemaletdinov in the shortlist.

Aarhus started aggressively. In the second minute the Dutch propelled it into the crossbar and made Kochenkov demonstrate some skill after the rebound. Nevertheless, by the middle of the half Lokomotiv pushed the epicenter away from their goal and started to attack. Skuletic and Kolomeytsev tried their luck from a distance.

In the second half Zhemaletdinov came into the spotlight and wound up play. Rifat created some remarkable opportunities but this didn't stop Aarhus from scoring after a cross from the flank. Kolomeytsev could have gotten us back into the game in the very next attack but the ball hit the crossbar.

In the last 10 minutes each team scored once. Vatsadze finished off a cross from a free kick while Miranchuk left the keeper no chance from the spot kick earned by Zhemaletdinov. Still, Lokomotiv could have drawn but Tarasov sent the ball right into the post.

This was Lokomotiv's last game in Portugal. The team will continue training here until February 9th and then return home.

Atlantic Cup. Third game

Lokomotiv - Aarhus - 1:2 (0:0)
Goals: Rasmussen, 53 (0:1). Vatsadze, 80 (0:2). Miranchuk, 84 (pen.) (1:2).

Lokomotiv: Kochenkov, Corluka (Tarasov, 62), Durica (Mykhalyk, 71), Shishkin (Yanbaev, 71), Makarov (Denisov, 71), Fernandes (Sheshukov, 31), Barinov, Kolomeytsev (Ndinga, 71), Samedov (Maicon, 31 (Kasaev, 62)), Zhemaletdinov, Skuletic (Miranchuk, 46)
Aarhus: S. Rasmussev, Mikanovic, Backman, Elez, Christensen, Jonson (Vatsadze, 76), Bjarnason, Olsen, Pedersen (Petersen, 51), Cavric, M. Rasmussen
Bookings: Zhemaletdinov, 50. Mykhalyk, 75. Denisov, 88
Referee: Pedro Camos
February 7th. Portugal. Agalarve Stadium.

07 February 2016 23:00

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