Barinov: ‘Pashinin said: ‘Bara, get ready’

Barinov: ‘Pashinin said: ‘Bara, get ready’

In an exclusive commentary to Lokomotiv community on Facebook midfielder Dmitriy Barinov has shared his emotions after the first appearance as a main team player.

– Dima, congratulations! What are the emotions after the debut?

– During the game Oleg Pashinin came up to me and said: ‘Bara, get ready, you’re coming in. Don’t worry, it’s going to be okay’. In a word, he encouraged me. When I came in I felt confident, and the fans supported me, - I thank them for it!
When you hear the stands chanting your name you get overwhelmed by emotions. Again, I want to thank the fans, - they helped me feel confident. I played just a few minutes, but I think I did okay. I hope that now I’ll have more chances, the main thing is to play regularly and not to waste your credits.

– You’re brimming with happiness!

– Of course, I’m happy about the debut. It finally happened. The partners supported me too (smiling).

16 May 2015 22:32

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