Joint Statement By Lokomotiv Management And Fan Movement

Dear Lokomotiv fans!

Prior to the decisive Cup and League games where our Team will fight hard to reach the high goals set for this season, Lokomotiv management and the active fans movement decided to reach out to all supporters with a joint statement.

Recently, the fruitful co-operation between us was seriously damaged.

From time to time we had some serious claims towards each other that sometimes grew into a public name-calling. This led to a long-time conflict. We admit that what we said and did to each other was far from correct, and we believe we have to put a stop to the quarrels that harm the club's image, reputation, attendance, atmosphere at the stadium and around the Team, and that eventually lead to poor results. We understand that only together can we assist our Club in reaching new success.

The atmosphere around the Club now is far from ideal but we can improve it. We believe that we have to leave our issues behind and join our efforts for the sake of moving towards our main goal - our Club's victories.

To secure further development, attraction of new supporters, and the restoration of the sporting atmosphere, that we all love, at our stadium, we suggest to try and 'reboot' our relations starting today, and mend our co-operation in all areas.

We call on you to return to the stadium and become that 12th player the value of which is so significant. At our end we'll do our best to avoid such disagreements in the future. This is our Cherkizovo, our Team, our Club!

Only Loko, only victory!

FC Lokomotiv management
ROO Fan Club
MOO Fan Club