Rybus: As long as there is a chance, we will fight

Lokomotiv defender Maciej Rybus discussed the upcoming game against Bayern in the Gameweek 6 of the Champions League group stage.

- We are pleased to come to the winner of the Champions League. We came to get a good result. It doesn't matter who comes on the pitch. We have our own problems, we have injuries, but this is a chance for young players. As long as there are chances, we will fight and give our best one hundred percent. Such matches benefit the team. Tomorrow we can go down in history, in a good way.

- You play in almost every match. What state are you in now?

- The energy is there. In recent matches, I felt even better than before. Playing without injuries, so everything is fine.

- Who do you like more at Bayern: Davies or Hernandez?

- Davies did not play in the first leg. But he is very good - fast, runs a lot forward and creates chances. He's arguably the best left-back in the world right now.

- Which other quick player can you highlight from Bayern? Maybe Sane or Coman?

- Whoever comes on the pitch, it is not easy to play against them. It is necessary to maintain concentration for all 90 minutes and complete tactical tasks. If we all play together, if we fight, we can get the result.

- Did you talk with Lewandowski before the match? Maybe he said he won't play tomorrow?

- I didn't talk with him. I don't communicate with my opponents a day or two before the game.

- You play under a rather rare number 31. Did you take it in honor of Bastian Schweinsteiger?

- Schweinsteiger was a good footballer, but I didn't even think about him. Since I started my career, I always played under this number.

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08 December 2020 20:40