Rybchinskiy: We’re approaching Orenburg with a fighter’s mindset

The main hero of the trial game against Tambov (1:0) Dmitriy Rybchinskiy speaks about the team’s fitness for the season.

- How would you estimate your condition and the team’s fitness at the moment?

- I feel well. It was pretty hard to play against Dynamo but by now we have ended the training camp and gained conditions. It felt better playing against Tambov.

- How fit are you for the season?

- I think about 85 per cent. There’s space for improvement. We’re approaching the season with a fighter’s mindset. I hope we’ll be 100 per cent fit by the game with Orenburg.

- What are your impressions from the practices with Marko Nikolic?

- Nice and positive. We try to have more control over play, work with the ball, change the direction of our offensives to cause problems to an opposition. It’s always nice to have an offensive mindset as a team.

пресс-служба ФК «Локомотив»
14 June 2020 18:57