Decision of Board of Directors of FC Lokomotiv

Dear supporters of FC Lokomotiv!

At today’s meeting, the Board of Directors of FC Lokomotiv unanimously approved Marko Nikolic as the team’s new head coach. The Serbian specialist will assume his duties on June 1, 2020.

We wish Marko success and big victories!

The Board of Directors and the club’s management express immense gratitude and are thankful to Yuriy Pavlovich Syomin, whose contract expires on May 31st, for his long-time work at FC Lokomotiv. His name is associated with the brightest victories in the club’s history. Yuriy Syomin will forever remain in the hearts of all of the Lokomotiv’s supporters.

We wish Yuriy Syomin strength, health and well-being!

ФК «Локомотив»