Miranchuk: We will give everything for the sake of the result

Anton Miranchuk shared his expectations for the game against Bayern in the Gameweek 2 of the Champions League group stage.

- Does Bayern have weaknesses?

- We understand that the game will not be easy. We need to be ready for this. Any team has weaknesses. For two days we have been analysing the opponent, the coaches are looking for loopholes. It won't be easy, but the game will show everything. We will give all our energy to achieve a positive result.

- Lokomotiv has brought in new offensive players. Who are you most comfortable playing with?

- Yes, the attack and the team as a whole have changed. All footballers are qualified, many have played in the Champions League before. So it doesn’t matter who comes out on the pitch because there is a good understanding with everyone.

- You played in the center of the field and on the wings. Which position is more comfortable?

- It's more convenient for me to play where the coach sees me. I completely trust him in this regard. I feel comfortable in any position.

- Do you feel the role of a leader?

- I would not like to talk about this topic. Football is a team game, and we are strong as a team. The team comes first for me, not leadership. I go out on the pitch to benefit Lokomotiv.

- Did you discuss prospects in the Champions League with your brother?

- We talked about the last matches. They achieved the result, we had a good away game. We play on the same day, so we share our impressions.

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