Loskov and Pashinin are still with Lokomotiv

FC Lokomotiv announces that Dmitry Loskov and Oleg Pashinin will continue to work in the club's structure outside the coaching staff.

Vladimir Leonchenko, CEO of FC Lokomotiv:

— We talked a lot with Dmitry and Oleg about the changes taking place in our club. We made the decision that both of them stay with Lokomotiv. They play an important part in preserving the club's traditions, passing them on to a new generation of players. They are the real link that connects the past, present and future of Lokomotiv. I am sure that Dmitry and Oleg will continue to benefit their native club, develop our youth, and will be an example for all the “railroad workers”.
FC Lokomotiv press service
05 April 2022 12:22