LOKO NEWS // Tiknizyan and Zhemaletdinov after the match against Krylia

FC Lokomotiv Defender Nair Tiknizyan Comments the Game with FC Krylya Sovetov:

– Today the team gave everything. I don’t mind telling you that we flew today, arrived at the hotel, had lunch and waited for the thoery not in our rooms, but in the lobby. In no case is this any excuses or complaints. I just want to make a statement that the team was in difficult conditions and won a difficult game. In my opinion, FC Krylya Sovetov is one of those teams that plays a good and attacking football. Really sharp one. So it is just a pleasure to win against such a team. It was very important for everyone of us that we have our fans at the stadium. I keep saying that your support is a great motivation for us. We have an obligation to play a good game because we are professionals. And I hope that today our fans, who came and who watched us online, were satisfied. When I approached the ball, I tried to make the pass as concentrated as possible, because before we have several moments from the corners, when we cannot make a good pass. Somewhere deep inside I felt exactly the same as before the game with FC Dynamo: this game from the set piece could turn into a goal. And for me it was very important in these last three game to bring my team some benefits. I keep saying this season was quite a season. I tend to think that everyone fully and wholly understands what I am talking about. It was very important to set things up and show the club and show the guys, and show the fans that it won’t break me and I will be ready and super-motivated for every game.

FC Lokomotiv midfielder Rifat Zhemaletdinov about the game:

– It was a tough game on the artificial field. After such a season, the last game in the artificial field was very challenging. Our team is young. We are running well, and it was seen at the end of the game. Again, it was a thrilling ending, but the most important thing is that we won.

– It was a difficult first half. Tell me, what did the coaches recommend you during the break? What did they want to focus on?
– In fact, I think the first half was quite ok, the first thirty minutes. We played the game. We had a complete initiative. In the last fifteen minutes we got three very dangerous moments. While we had a break, the coach told us that we need to crush the opponents and score at once.

I had a good season. But again, I want more. And next season we will figure this out – we will work on it. I want to thank all our fans for supporting us at every match. Even today there were a lot of fans. Thank you guys! And we are looking forward to seeing you next season. It will be very interesting!

FC Lokomotiv press service // LOKO TV

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