LOKO NEWS // Isidor and Karpukas interviews after the match against Sochi

Post Match Interview with FC Lokomotiv Striker Wilson Isidor after the Away Game against FC Sochi:

— It was a tough game for us. FC Sochi scored at the very beginning of the match. We tried to play by our rules, but in the first instance, we didn't succeed it. It was very hot on the field today. In the first half, our player was fouled and the penalty was given. And I am very glad to succeed it. In the second half, we were much more concentrated, and we managed to to tie the score: 2:2. By the end of the match, we increased our activity even more to dominate on the field. And you should remember the moment that came up at the very last minute. If we had managed it, we could have won this game.

We did not rush. We waited fo the oppomemts move. We reacted to all of their actions. When it was possible to play immediately forward – to me, to Kuchta, to Kerk – we played forward. Without hesitations. We attacked when we had a chance. In the second half, we went straight, and the game became more vertical.

For every game, my goals remain the same.Whether I score by myself or manage to assist, the main goal is to help our team win. One goal per game is in my statistics. In this game, I managed to surpass this stats to score twice.

— You probably hear the fans chanting your name after each of your successes: Isidor, Isidor!
— I do hear them, and I am very happy to hear them. I cannot even express how much. So now, taking this opportunity, I want to thank our fans for theis support. And I mean it. Sometimes I want to show them my thumbs up, or give them a round of applause to express all my emotions. I am in the thick of things. I am the part of the game. And I cannot afford one single wasted motion. Now I dedicate this club record, this my double to every of our fans. Lokomotiv fans. Thank you!

Post Match Interview with FC Lokomotiv midfielder Artyom Karpukas after the Away Game against FC Sochi:

— Our congratulations on your debut! What emotions did you have entering the field? What did you feel in the middle of the game?
— The day before the game, I found out that I would be in the first line-up. The coach told me about that. He said good parting words, which I definitely needed. He encouraged me. I was pretty ready. I am going to be 20 in two months, you know. In Europe people at this age are already playing. I do not want to be underestimated. Of course, I was worried. While we were flying on the plane, I thought a lot about this game. I imagined some moments of the game, and so on. I want to thank our coaching stuff dor their believes. I hope I did't let them dowm.

— After you started playing 10 on 10, did it become advantage or disadvantage for the team?
— I tend to think no one considers it as advantage due to the fact, that everyone had to run more, to go into defensive pressure and so on. Actually, it was obvious that one who controlled the ball makes the game. And it did not become easier for anyone.

— Did you hear the fans?
— For me this is a debut not only for the first team, but also in the match with the fans. Of course, they visit an Academy team, the youth team and Kazanka matches, many thanks to them. But not as much as here. Of course, I hear them, it's very important. Especially when there were ten of us left, they cheered us up and drove us forward. This gave us more strength to move on.

FC Lokomotiv press-service // LOKO TV

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